SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit V Class Notes

Limitation Act, 1963 (Act no. 36 of 1963) Contents Sections Particulars Preamble Part I Preliminary 1 Short title, extent and commencement 2 Definitions Part II Limitation of Suits, Appeals and Applications 3 Bar of Limitation 4 Expiry of prescribed period when court is closed 5 Extension of prescribed period in certain cases 6 Legal disability […]

SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit IV Class Notes

Suits in particular cases Suits by or against Governments (Sec. 79 to 82, O.27) Suits by aliens and by or against foreign rulers, ambassadors (Sec. 85 to 87) Suits relating to public matters (Sec. 91 to 93) Suits by or against firms (O.30) Suits by or against minors and unsound persons (O.32) Suits by indigent […]

SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit III Class Notes

Appearance and examination of parties (O.9, O.18) Discovery, inspection and production of documents (O.11 & O.13) First hearing and framing of issues (O.10 and O.14) Admission and affidavit (O.12 and O.19) Adjournment (O.17) Death, marriage-Insolvency of the parties (O.22) Withdrawal and compromise of suits (O.23) Judgment and Decree (O.20) Execution (Sec. 30 to 74, O.21) […]

SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit II Class Notes

Institution of suits and summons: (Sec. 26, 0.4 and Sec. 27, 28, 31 and O.5) Meaning of Suit: The term “suit” has not been defined in the Code. According to the dictionary meaning, “suit” is a generic term of comprehensive signification referring to any proceeding by one person or persons against another or others in […]

SEM V Civil Procedure & Limitation Act – Unit I Class Notes

Introduction to Civil Procedure Code 1908 Distinction between procedural law and substantive law Substantive law is the statutory, or written law, that defines rights and duties, such as crimes and punishments (in the criminal law), civil rights and responsibilities in civil law. It is codified in legislated statutes or can be enacted through the initiative […]