Insurance Law – Unit V LLB Class Notes

Marine Insurance: Nature and Scope Classification of Marine policies Insurable interest Insurable values Marine insurance and policy Conditions and express warranties Voyage deviation Perils of sea Loss and Kinds of Loss The Marine Insurance Act, 1963 (Sections 1 to 91) (more…) Related posts: Insurance Law – Unit II LLB Class Notes Insurance Law – Unit […]

Insurance Law – Unit IV LLB Class Notes

Fire Insurance: Nature and scope of Fire Insurance Basic Principles Conditions & Warranties Right & Duties of Parties Claims Some Legal Aspects Introduction to Agriculture Insurance History of Crop Insurance in India Crop Insurance Underwriting, Claims, Problems associated with Crop Insurance Cattle Insurance in India (more…) Related posts: Insurance Law – Unit III LLB Class […]

Insurance Law – Unit III LLB Class Notes

Life Insurance: Nature and scope of Life Insurance Kinds of Life Insurance The policy and formation of a life insurance contract Event insured against Life Insurance contract Circumstance affecting the risk Amount recoverable under the Life Policy Persons entitles to payment Settlement of claim and payment of money Life Insurance Act, 1956 Insurance against third […]

Insurance Law – Unit II LLB Class Notes

Contract of Insurance: Classification of contract of Insurance Nature of various Insurance Contracts Parties there to Principles of good faith – non disclosure Misrepresentation in Insurance Contract Insurable Interest- Premium: Definition Method of payment, days of grace, forfeiture, return of premium Mortality; The risk Meaning and scope of risk Causa Proxima Assignment of the subject […]

Insurance Law – Unit I LLB Class Notes

Introduction: Nature and Definition History of Insurance History and development of Insurance in India Insurance Act, 1938 Insurance Regulatory Authority Act, 1999: Its role and functions (more…) Related posts: Class Notes on Company Law – Unit V (2nd Sem / 3 year LL.B) Banking Law – Unit I LLB Class Notes Class Notes on PG. […]